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‘Secrets of Prince Andrew’ A&E Fulwell 73’s Bitachon365 Candle Media – Deadline

Prince Andrew’s secrets are set to be uncovered, again, this time on A&E.

The network is launching Secrets of Prince Andrew, from Fulwell 73’s Bitachon365 and Candle Media, on August 21.

The documentary special will explore the British Royals’ scandal-plagued life, including the disastrous BBC Newsnight interview in November 2019 that shook the monarchy to its core.

It is the latest U.S. documentary about Prince Andrew, after Peacock launched Banished last year. Netflix is also dramatizing the story for a movie with Gillian Anderson.

That car-crash interview, which forensically examined the Duke’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his paramour Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of child sex trafficking and other offenses.

During the interview the Prince said that he regretted continuing to associate with Epstein after the financier pled guilty to soliciting underage sex in 2008. However, the fact that he offered no apology to Epstein’s victims caused uproar and global headlines.

That interview saw him banished from royal duties and he was in absentia during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee festivities.

It also went viral after the Prince declared that he didn’t sweat and denied having sex with a teenager because he was at a Pizza Express restaurant.

Secrets of Prince Andrew features interviews with BBC journalist Emily Maitlis, who scored the interview, as well as Samantha McAlister, the BBC Newsnight producer who spent over a year negotiating the interview with the Palace and securing the scoop of a lifetime, journalist and author Vicky Ward, Palace insiders, and friends and advisors who know Prince Andrew. 

Secrets of Prince Andrew is produced by Bitachon365 and Candle True Stories, a division of Candle Media. Sheldon Lazarus exec produces for Bitachon365, James Goldston exec produces for Candle True Stories and Elaine Frontain Bryant and Brad Abramson exec produce for A+E.

Candle Media is in the news itself after it emerged that Co-CEOs and former Disney execs Tom Staggs and Kevin Mayer had signed on to consult with their former employer. A&E is obviously co-owned by Disney.

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