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Shrek Crocs Are Now a Thing and They’re AWESOME!

After the Crocs Lightning McQueen release there is a new kid on the block, or swamp in this case as official Shrek Crocs are here and they’re out this month!

Shrek Crocs

This movie mashup from the brand consists of a Shrek coloured crock to match his skin tone and a fuzzy brown strap as a wink and nod to Shrek’s iconic swamp stained vest.

The croc also features addition pieces on the shoe itself to match the ogre’s facial features and branding is on the sole, sides and underfoot so make sure you visit a beach and make your Shrek mark all over the seafront! 

In a collaboration with DreamWorks this croc has come to life but it comes hot off the incredibly sad news that lead singer of Smash Mouth Steve Harwell sadly passed away this week.

Shrek Croc

Steve was the lead singer of the band who created the incredible ‘All Star’ song that was one of the most iconic songs in not just the Shrek movies but many other iconic Hollywood movies.

Steve sadly passed aged 56 from acute liver failure after struggling with various mental health issues.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.

No official exact date has been revealed by the brand for the crocs but they will be available on the crocs website and various other retailers soon.

Shrek Crocs On Sale

I think I’d only get away with wearing these Shrek shoes if I was visiting an animated theme park.

Strolling around Disney campus or even Motiongate in Dubai rocking my Shrek Crocs and I’d fit right in.

Wearing these throughout Stoke on Trent city centre though however, well, that’s a different story!

A price has also not yet been announced but you can definitely be the sharpest dressed tool in the shed with these quirky and rather brilliant crocs!

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