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Sick to Death Review: Strong Stomached Fun!

A gruesome trip through the history of gruesome deaths, medicines and diseases. Here’s our Sick to Death review.

Sick to Death Building

Priced at £7pp Sick to Death is a good walk around attraction located within a church that dives straight into the past of the plague, autopsies and more as you will come face to face with the grim reaper.

From a variety of deaths to exploring a world of gruesome Sick to Death is an absolutely bargain. From Diagnosis Alley where deathly diseases reside to the sexual health section (not suitable for children) there’s some weird and wonderful things to interact with from smells to set pieces.

Plague Doctor

Whilst the interaction was great I felt as though the attraction was so text heavy it was near impossible to take everything in.

I’m the kind of person who needs to have visual things to interact with in order for any information to absorb and there was just so much text all over the place that there was way too much reading for my liking.

Torture Chair

Whilst the attraction says it’s for kids I can’t imagine them having too much of a great time here. It’ll either be too scary for them or will fly over their heads with all of the written information but for the price, you can’t complain and whilst its a little gross they may actually enjoy it.

Being introduced to the attraction by two digital screens was quite a nice family friendly introduction but the niceness stops there and it’s all smell pods and gore from then on in.

Chester Attraction

I would have personally liked to see more modern medicine explorations and more adult content, perhaps real autopsies or other medical specimens to really bring that more lifelike and informative tour to the fold but instead there was a lot of silicone horror body parts going around.

These body parts have clearly been handled a lot and as a result most were falling apart. 


The body parts really needed to be kept up to date and certain exhibitions involving headphones were either not working or looked so old that I didn’t fancy putting a dirty hat on my head just to listen to some audio (the headphones glued within the hats themselves). 

Photo ops there are aplenty and it all starts outside with some stocks to pop your head in but inside there are coffins, bodies, autopsy scenes, a TARDIS themed toilet (the TURDIS) and plenty more to fill up that Instagram reel! 

Sick to Death

Going through Sick to Death I didn’t learn too much (too much text) but I did learn a few things including information such as the brain is made up mostly of water, less than 5% of all deaths need autopsies nowadays and they’re only used mostly within criminal cases and I learned why plague doctors wore those crazy beak mask outfits.

All children under 16 must come with an adult but I feel as though the attraction needs more over 18s content, as we were going around the attraction sort of started fading away and there was even a section on Harry Potter potions and magic which was absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the attraction whatsoever.

Sick to Death Shop

If you have a strong stomach and love exploring a variety of interactive exhibits and have a curious mind this is your place. It’s certainly a peculiar day out but its as gruesome as it is interesting I just wished there were more human specimens on display than just a skeleton in a case.

Sick to Death relies on smell pods and silicone body parts for the most part but there are some great themed areas (especially Diagnosis Alley) but there just feels like there’s plenty of room for it to expand into a much more rounded attraction.

Garden Sick to Death

For the price Sick to Death is well worth it, I almost felt like I’d underpaid and the store has some nice little items within it that are sure to pique your inquisitive mind.

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