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Sidemen Topps Cards Released: First Come First Served

British YouTube group, the Sidemen, have announced their new limited-edition TOPPS trading cards and you could scoop some rare prizes/experiences with your purchase!

Sidemen Set

Labelled as a ‘passion project’ the Sidemen Topps trading cards go alongside the brand new Sides restaurant chain and XIX Vodka not to mention KSI’s own Prime energy drink as another venture taking these boys to the next level.

Fans can collect limited-edition trading cards made by TOPPS. The cards have only been released for 24 hours and already the limited edition autograph set (only 100 were made) has completely sold out.

The cards were released on August 21 at 4pm and fans can start collecting in just a few weeks time when boxes will arrive to all fans. 

Each box contains 30 cards and there are 61 cards to collect in the set. There are also 7000 autographed cards distributed within the range and 400 special insert cards with redemptions to claim exclusive prizes.

Aside from 100 Limited edition Autograph boxes (sold on, there are no other guarantees of autographs, parallel cards or prize redemptions in each box. Everything will be sold completely at random.

One lucky golden ticket winner will also become a member of the Sidemen for a day and will feature in one of their YouTube videos! How mad is that?!

Are you a fan of the Sidemen? Grab your Sidemen TOPPS cards today HERE

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