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Slashback Video Mystic Museum Mystery Box Review

In the heart of Burbank resides a world of the macabre and the strange with horror pop-up events throughout the season and we got a mystery box from them! Here’s our Slashback Video Mystic Museum mystery box review.

Slashback Video

This Mystic Museum attraction constructed a full-sized video store called Slashback Video that transported guests back to the 80s. Surrounded by VHS tapes and an assortment of retro horror goodies it was an amazing space!

Immersive as it was creative Slashback Video then branched out into various merchandise items (some you can still pick up today) and most recently a Slashback Video mystery box.

Mystic Museum Burbank

I had to pick one up but postage to the UK was very expensive indeed (as much as the box). I took the leap regardless and cracked open a mystery box that I knew before I even opened it had cost me far too much money.

With the mystery box was an assortment of goodies with two horror movie ex-rental VHS tapes (Redneck Zombies and 13 Monkeys) that were pretty cool, a T-Shirt, a beer koozie, a tumbler, an old event poster and a few other goodies.

Slashback T Shirt

The box itself was well designed but I was expecting to open it and the inside would be lined with a retro design or something similar. Sadly not. Only the exterior of the box had a cool design whereas the rest of the box was just a regular ol plain jane.

Whilst everything looked good quality I just felt as though with the event being so unique and so rad that things like the tumblers, stickers, koozie could have been replaced with more store-focused goodies.

The whole set revolved around 80s horror yet the box contained two VHSs of that era and nothing more. It just seemed like a waste and to me, felt like they were just clearing out old items that hadn’t sold in-store.

Slashback Video Mystery Box

I mean, why put in a poster for an old event? It’s gone now. Surely you’d add posters/flyers in for future upcoming events. Despite the poster being beautifully designed (as is the case with most Mystic Museum events) it once again just felt like old items that haven’t sold / leftovers thrown into a box with no real care put into what people were getting. 

The stuff within it was a little…. well… underwhelming I have to be honest. I was expecting some of the magic of the video store to be within the box, old retro magazines, VHS tapes (so they got that spot on) and other things but it was your generic mystery box unfortunately.

The T-Shirt was a nice touch but even a T-Shirt along with a staff ‘Slashback Video’ name badge with your name on it would have improved an otherwise mundane mystery box item.

Slashback Video Koozie

For the price I paid, it was absolutely not worth it and then some! Unfortunately being so far away from Burbank it was just a mere sample of the Slashback Video scene and the box quality was no reflection of the insane quality that goes into their incredible events.

Whilst I was bitterly disappointed with the mystery box it did just increase my craving to visit The Mystic Museum in person even more so and one day, I’ll certainly make it out there again and check it out!

Check out a video of the Slashback Video Mystic Museum mystery box unboxing below on our sister site Lift Hills and Thrills:


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