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SNL Avatar Sketch Goes Down an Absolute Treat

The new SNL Avatar sketch has down an absolute treat with fans as Saturday Night Live kicked off the second hour of its first 2023 episode with this iconic parody.

Mikey Day steps into the role of Jake Sully as the sketch took us on a weird grown-up smurfs-type journey through the world of the Na’vi.

Aubrey Plaza and Heidi Gardner showed up as two Na’vi but they looked horrendously hilarious. The Americans sure do love a good SNL sketch and I for one find that they are hit and miss personally. Sometimes they hit home and sometimes they miss absolutely horrendously but this one hits a sweet spot that I found very enjoyable.

With nods to the original movie and to the new Avatar: The Way of Water there’s something for everyone in this little sketch.

Fans were quick to jump on social media to praise the sketch, it’s locations and the final moments have been widely commended.

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We also discuss both IMAX and 4DX experiences of the movie and recommend which of the two you should go and see the brand new movie in.

Both technologies offer completely different experiences but there is a clear winner between the two.

Check out the Avatar SNL sketch below:


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