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Snow, hail, rain and icy Severe weather warnings for most of southern Australia for rest of the weekwinds overnight in Victoria


Issued: Friday, 15 July 2022

The Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) has released an update to its BOM Weather app making rainfall forecasts easier to understand.

Millions of Australians rely on the Bureau’s weather app for information critical to their daily lives. The daily rainfall forecast is one of the most viewed parts of the Bureau’s forecasts. However, customer feedback shows this information is often misinterpreted.

Australians using the app will see how much rainfall is expected each day in millimetres. When rainfall is likely, the app will show the amount of rainfall as a range, with ‘Rain today’ displayed. When rainfall is unlikely, the app will simply display ‘No rain’.

The rainfall range has also been broadened, with the first amount representing a 75% chance of rain, and the second representing a 25% chance.

These changes will equip all Australians, including farmers, event planners and tourism operators, with the rainfall information they need to make informed decisions.

With millions of Australians relying on the Bureau’s rainfall forecasts to make informed decisions, this change will mean customers can be confident in their understanding of the amount of rain expected in their location.

The Bureau will continue to identify opportunities to improve the way information is presented and welcomes feedback from users through the app.

Users will need to update the BOM Weather app through their relevant app store to see the update. Learn more about the rainfall update by viewing this YouTube video.


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