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Snow, hail, rain and icy Severe weather warnings for most of southern Australia for rest of the weekwinds overnight in Victoria


Issued: 3:30pm AEST on 16 September 2022

In response to recommendations made by the Blake Report (2017) arising from the Independent Review into the Tasmanian Floods in June and July 2016, the Bureau has changed flood classification levels in some areas of Tasmania.

Across Australia, the Bureau uses a three-level scheme that classifies flooding as minor, moderate and major at key river height stations. Classification levels at each station are decided through consultation with local community and emergency partners and defined by the water level that causes certain impacts.

We have updated the river height for these flood classification levels in 8 areas across Tasmania to improve warnings for the community. These areas include:

Southern region

  • Derwent River and Jordan River catchments
  • Huon River

Northern region

  • Macquarie River
  • North Esk River
  • South Esk River

North-west region

These changes mean flood warnings will better reflect the expected impacts along certain rivers, allowing authorities and communities to prepare and respond appropriately.

Where possible, the Bureau will issue initial flood watches and warnings in Tasmania during daylight hours. This will allow authorities and communities to prepare safely during daylight before an event. We will update our forecasts regularly as conditions change.

The updated classifications are reflected in the Service Level Specification for Flood Forecasting and Warning Services for Tasmania, available on the Bureau website

Learn more about flood warnings and classifications in our online Knowledge Centre:


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