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Snow Storm 2 Review: Bigger and Better

After a very successful season last winter Gandeys Snow Storm is back again with an all-new show! Here’s our Snow Storm 2 review.

Snow Storm 2

Located next to Tinsel Town the annual Christmas funfair event at the Trafford Centre is a huge big top, the famous Gandeys Circus big top and inside is a 200sq meter ice rink ready to house 16 of the best ice skaters.

The weather was close to minus and with the show at 6pm on a quiet Tuesday at the Trafford Centre, the usual hustle and bustle crowd was nowhere to be seen anywhere in the shopping centre or Tinsel Town for that matter.

Sadly, the weather wasn’t on our side but we didn’t mind as we had more of a personalised show to ourselves for the people that did make it.

This all-new production combines the love of the circus with all things icy with skaters performing beautiful dance routines and then it’s mixed up with aerial acts, tightrope walkers and even a Christmas jester providing laughs in this fun family-friendly show.

If that wasn’t enough the legendary ice bears return for 2022 and if you haven’t seen 4 huge polar bear costumes shuffling around on ice then that’s worth the entry price alone, it’s hilarious!

International circus acts come together on the grand stage (of ice) and this 90-minute show has tickets starting at £9.99.

Brand new for 2022 is the option to upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket where you will have a table and chairs right next to the stage to enjoy your food and drinks in this rather exclusive upcharge addition to this year’s shows.

Snow Storm Trafford Centre

Gandeys describes their Snow Storm 2 event as follows:

“You will know its Christmas” and will “Wish it could be Christmas every day ” as we take you on a nostalgic journey through the highlights of the festive season to the Ice Kingdom itself. The dynamic skills of our skaters sit alongside the breath-taking aerial acrobatics of our circus Superstars. Comedy compliments the classical. State of the art special effects will have you on the edge of your seat.

Meet all your favourite seasonal characters – The Ice Bears are Back! and we are sure will give you such “Happy feet”
No Christmas ice show would be complete without an appearance from the big man himself Mr Claus in our magical Ice Kingdom …SNOWSTORM2.

At The Trafford Centre, the only venue in town you and your family are guaranteed a “White Christmas”!

I personally thought this year’s show had more to see but some of the dance routines were quite similar compared to last year, there were just 2 or 3 that were quite close to one another but being a 90-minute show there was more than enough variety to keep the audiences hooked.

A World Cup football game on ice dragged on for what felt like forever but that’s maybe because the show depicted England as still in the tournament and my little heart just couldn’t take that kind of hurt played out again in front of my very eyes.

As always Gandeys put on a world-class show and it really is a festive fun production but after seeing many Gandeys shows this year and last year it would be great to see more variety in the circus acts just to mix things up a little bit but that’s just my two cents.

For someone who doesn’t go as often as I do then it’s absolutely perfect but for the regular visitors some of the acts whilst still amazing to witness just need a little variety from show to show.

Thank you to the Gandeys team once again for putting on a top-class show, the hard work and dedication to put these shows on every single night (and multiple times at the weekend) just has to be commended.

Merry Christmas to you all. 

Check out our VLOG from Tinsel Town and Snow Storm 2 below:


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