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Song Kang Ho to make his drama debut after 32 years: Read on

Song Kang Ho will be making his debut on the small screen after 32 years through the series Uncle Samsik.

The new drama series written by   Shin Yeon Shick portrays the story of desire and bromance between two men, Uncle Samsik and Kim San, who survived the stormy time of the early 1960s in Korea.

The production company Slingshot Studio confirmed the appearance of  Song Kang Ho and shared, “Kang Ho will bring life to the character no doubt. We will produce a well-made high-quality series and present it to the viewers.”

Uncle Samsik will be a 10-part series, but the broadcast medium and the release date of the series are still up for debate.

Meanwhile,  Song Kang Ho has already starred in two upcoming films  Cobweb and One Win, both of which are anticipated to hit theatres this year.

In 1996, the actor made his acting debut. He has a long number of hit movies including Green Fish, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, The Host, The Face Reader, The Attorney, A Taxi Driver, and Parasite.

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