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Stop releasing factories’ toxic water into Saleh Patt desert: SHC

SUKKUR: Deput Commissioner Sukkur submitted laboratory report of the toxic water in the high court, which being released from Ghotki and Sadiqabad factories, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

A bench of Sindh High Court (SHC) comprised of Justice Zafar Ahmed Rajput and Justice Shamsuddin Abbasi heard the case.

Deputy Commissioner Sukkur while submitting the lab report said that the factories poisonous water also mixed with the rainwater.

Petitioner’s counsel Nisar Bhanbhro told the court in hearing that the water released in the desert area of Saleh Patt has been lethal for water species, this toxic water has also been hazardous for the desert life.

“If this hazardous water won’t stopped, it will debase the entire desert region including Khairpur and Sanghar,” lawyer argued.

“People of desert area gather rainwater for use, the administration has not yet taken any step to halt this poisonous water despite the court orders,” Advocate Nisar Bhanbhro said. “If this water not stopped, gas supply from Miano Gas-field will also be disrupted,” lawyer said.

The bench ordered the authorities to halt the water being discharged from factories and the rainwater.

The court adjourned further hearing of the case until October 05.


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