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Strawberry Watermelon PRIME UK Review

Thanks to a buddy of mine who has hopped on the PRIME import train I have an exclusive Strawberry Watermelon PRIME review to bring you today.

Strawberry Watermelon

Sitting here at home sipping PRIME fully aware that I’ve been sucked into the hype of one of the world’s most popular drinks right now I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the brand-new Strawberry Watermelon flavour is.

If I’m brutally honest (I was a little kinder in my Prime Hydration range review) only three flavours are even worth purchasing for me and those flavours are Blue Raspberry (the original GOAT), Ice Pop (if you like Blue Raspberry you can’t go wrong with this one) and the third member of this exclusive club, Strawberry Watermelon.

Meta Moon is still a flavour that is eluding me but I hear good things so that will certainly be next on my ‘to sample’ list along with the new upcoming Pineapple PRIME flavour that is set to be dropping sometime this year.

Starwberry Watermelon is the perfect flavour to have on those warmer days, it’s incredibly refreshing and tastes wonderful with ice. The strawberry is the overpowering element of the drink but the watermelon adds a nice background freshness to the drink that calms the strawberry down somewhat.

It’s refreshing but not too strong as the coconut water comes more to the fold in this particular flavour. It’s a much different flavour in how its delivered compared to the other drinks and feels lighter on its feet.

Out of all of them, this is the one that I feel would make a great cocktail, it has all the fruity ingredients needed for a nice flavoursome drink.

With PRIME absolutely smashing it lately after a recent partnership with the UFC, not to mention a brand new range of PRIME Energy drinks set to hit the UK this year (they’re already released in America) stay tuned for more reviews coming soon right here on Back to the Movies.

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