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Summer Walker Reacts To Chrisean’s ‘Hurt’ By Her Impersonation

Summer Walker wasn’t feeling Chrisean Rock‘s transparency about her impersonation video. The singer hopped online to remind the first-time mom of her “dragging b*****s” days on television.

Summer recently shared a TikTok of her impersonating Chrisean. The video features an audio clip of Chrisean revealing that Blueface name-dropped Lil Baby during a disagreement. Meanwhile, Summer is “unsafely” holding a doll baby in the visuals.

Rock Says Summer Walker’s Video Triggered Her

On Thursday (Oct. 26), Rock revealed on IG Live that she contacted Summer about the impersonation video. She explained that she’s working on her responses to situations and wants to learn to “reconcile every situation” even if she gets “the short end of the stick.”

“I saw that video right, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, she think she funny’ but these all the thoughts that was going through my head, ‘she don’t even know that Walmart video triggered me.’ Lowkey hurt my feelings for real,” Chrisean said while wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

For context, Chrisean Rock referenced a viral video of her holding her newborn during a Walmart run. The “Baddies South” star didn’t know she was being filmed as her newborn appeared improperly strapped to her chest in a carrier. She addressed the backlash, including from the child’s father, Blueface, and his mother, in a live session at the time.

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In today’s video, Rock added that Summer Walker has “an influence” and could’ve done “a positive thing” instead of mocking someone who has “clout.” She said she practices watching what she says, and that’s why she privately reached out to Summer before addressing it online.

“I’m on my grown woman sh*t. Look y’all, I’m here to really just spread love and say you hurt my feelings and put more love on top of that sh*t. I don’t know what’s up with this Chrisean hate train but it gotta go so I’m kicking that sh*t out today.”

See clips from the live below. 

Summer Seemingly Claps Back At Chrisean Rock’s Feelings About The “Joke”

After Chrisean went live, Summer Walker addressed her via Instagram Story.

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a TikTok or say the same joke everyone else said but I do it people butt hurt,” Summer wrote. “Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral before I did it but ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging b*****s across the ground and dumbing h**s in sinks just fo looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up it was never that serious.”


This is the second time she’s addressed the impersonation video. Before Chrisean’s live, she compared her humor to Dave Chappell, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, and Katt Williams. She wrote, “Please do not take my humor too serious.” She added, “This generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh and move on.” 

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