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Talk to Me Review: An Instant Horror Classic

It’s hard to find a horror movie that feels unique and stands out amongst the rest. Look no further. Here’s our Talk to Me review.

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When a group of friends discovers how to conjure spirits by using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill — until one of them unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

Created by two twin brothers who run a comedy skit gaming YouTube channel you’d certainly have preconceived notions about Talk to Me had you not seen any trailers or marketing materials.

Seconds into Talk to Me do you realise this film is already something different, something special. Terrifier brought gore to the masses and catapulted art the clown into the horror icon stratosphere. No mean feat considering no one has ascended to those heights in many many years.

Talk to Me takes supernatural horror to new heights and forms its very own horror classic, it is hands down the best horror movie I’ve seen for a very long time.

Stepping away from clickbait content Talk To Me throws you into the story with an insane introduction, it takes you by the hand and never lets you go from start to finish.

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There’s a fine balance between character building and scares which is rare in films nowadays. We care about the character, we’re getting to know the relationships (present and secret ones) and it all weaves together beautifully, the stage is set and the second the hand is revealed to the audience the film steps up to such intense levels yet still manages to find that balance never taking things too far.

What starts off as a social project of teenagers grabbing this cursed hand that allows a spirit to possess them for a set number of time quickly turns into a nightmare. 90 seconds you have to hold the hand before you must release your grip. Any longer than 90 seconds and there will be consequences, the spirit won’t want to leave your body.

Shock after shock the film is beautifully told with such a finesse and craftsmanship. The cinematography eerily portrays the darkness of the possessions yet mixes them with the laid back attitude of the teens who see the possession as a form of entertainment.

Phones at the ready to record what may or may not be spoken by the spirits yet somehow these teenagers making laughs and jokes at the possessions feels wrong. It feels as though we’re angering the spirits just by watching the cast antagonising, laughing and recording all of this. Something as simple as a prop hand is now its own character with a vibrant history that the audience will never fully understand. It allows us to make our own conclusions and it makes it all the creepier! 

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We’re all soon punished for our actions as a spirit overstays its welcome and there’s one shock moment that I never saw coming. 

Sophie Wilde puts on a beautiful performance as Mia who tragically lost her mum and is grieving her loss. You can see how this story angle ties into the whole spirit communication storyline but it’s how twisted the filmmakers have driven this story arc that makes it so captivating.

Talk to Me is uncomfortable viewing, there’s no reliance on jump scares as such it’s more shock moments and this tension build up that oozes out of the screen and one shock after the other doesn’t let the viewer settle in or get bored. I was fixated from start to finish in my own little gaze with the screen as though I’d gripped the hand and asked it to talk to me too.

Jade (Alexandra Jensen) and Riley (Joe Bird) are strong supporting cast with Riley having his own little storyline that weaves in and out of Mia’s situation. At the heart of it, it’s Riley’s story as he’s the main focus of a certain spirit and Mia is just along for the ride.

Half of the movie caters to its teenage audience, our reliance on social media and discovering the next viral sensation but the film matures beyond its years and turns into something far more deep and expertly delivered.


An Australian horror that is conquering the box office and has provided something very rare in the genre. A horror film that feels unique, a horror film that will catapult into cult status stardom and I’m absolutely here for it.

The film is delivered with a simplicity in terms of its storyline but dives down into various explorations of torment, loss, grief, mental health and more. Talk to Me never needs to rely on jump scares and out of all the horror trailers that came before it (Exorcist, The Nun etc) they all felt to try hard and samey samey. Up steps Talk to Me and keeps it basic in its core delivery and it hits every mark.

Slightly losing its way in the tail half of the movie it matters not as the finale packs one hell of a punch with a clever if albeit abrupt ending.

This movie really did reach out and talk to me and I responded back. We have a brand new horror classic on our hands and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and even more so to see it on the big screen. The kind of film that is relayed back to you in 10 or 20 years time and you can say with pride ‘I remember seeing that in the cinema’. 

Talk to Me review by Sean Evans

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Tense and gripping from start to finish Talk to Me reaches out through the screen, grabs every horror movie around the neck and keeps us firmly fixated in terror watching this absolutely genius horror movie. A movie that strips back the layers that make some horror films insufferable, keeping it simple at all times whilst diving into depths here and there. I could praise this movie until Halloween but one thing I know for sure, we have a brand new horror classic on our hands.

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