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The actor wants to fight with The Beast at Wrestlemania

Kevin Hart vs Brock Lesnar: The actor wants to fight with The Beast at Wrestlemania

Hollywood star Kevin Hart has decided to get in the ring of the  World Wrestling Entertainment and  challenged Brock Lesnar  for a fight.

Hart’s affection for the WWE has never been a secret since he’s tight with The Rock, one of the best wrestlers of all time. He has often expressed his desire to enter a ring and wrestle a wrestler.

The actor  recently chatted with Becky Lynch and his co-star Mark Wahlberg while promoting his forthcoming movie Me Time.

 Becky Lynch asked Hart who he would most like to face after discussing how WrestleMania will go to Hollywood the following year. Becky continued he could take on Brock Lesnar because he had previously called him a piece of broccoli.

Hart responded by saying that although many underrate him, he is prepared to face The Beast head-on and has even prepared a finisher and a wrestling name. Little Lightning, he claimed, was his ring name, and Overhand Scorpion Tail was his finishing move.

The challenge hasn’t elicited any responses from The Beast, but it will be fascinating to watch if Hart genuinely enters the ring with Lesnar, it might not take long for Hart to be crushed in the center of the ring.

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