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The Blade Reboot is Doomed! Is That a Bad Thing?

Every single month there is a new update on the doomed Blade Reboot as the film keeps hitting more and more obstacles but we ask the question, is that a bad thing?

Blade Reboot

Absolutely no one wanted a Blade reboot that would tarnish the legacy that Wesley Snipes injected into three movies of this beloved vampire franchise.

Even having the nerve to reboot this film was met with strong criticism and fans wanting absolutely no part of it.

Blade was an iconic film for Marvel as it was a step into the unknown for them as their first big budget film and a film that arguably saved the entire company back in 1998.

Over recent years Marvel feels stale and I mean as stale as they come as copy and paste after copy and paste movies are released which do well at the box office (that’s all that matters to the money makers) but they just feel soulless.

You get the odd shining light production where the filmmakers genuinely care about the audience and providing fan service with such recent triumphs as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 being a prime example of a film that still cares about its audience.

Sadly, not much can be said about many other Marvel releases of late in my own personal opinion of course.

News this week from Variety showcased decisions that Marvel Studios have had to make regarding their upcoming projects now that quite a lot of their films aren’t making as much of an impact as they once did at the box office.

I wonder why.

As a result, some big movies have had budget cuts and Blade is just one of the films affected.

Blade Reboot Doomed

Pre production was halted on the movie due to the writers strikes so even before they’ve started other factors have come into play which have put a stop to getting this film off the ground in the first place!

Blade’s new budget has apparently been cut down to less than $100 million which is still an insane amount of money but the current budget for standard Marvel slate movies is $200 million as was the case for this year’s The Marvels, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

A 50% budget cut is quite staggering in the grand scheme of things but if the filmmakers genuinely cared about making a good movie then I feel $100 million is more than enough, MORE than enough to make one!

Heck Saw was made on $1.2 million and look what happened there. Don’t go giving us excuses that $100 million can’t deliver something special.

Whilst Blade is set to get a much smaller budget it’s not the make or break for the project but at the same time, I kind of wish it was.

Enough is enough and if you’re struggling at the box office then rebooting a film that absolutely no one will come to see in their droves is probably not the best way to recoup that $100M.

Several years this film has been in development (since 2019 to be exact) and several writers and directors have come and gone.

Rumours of lead actor Mahershala Ali on the verge of leaving the project were also doing the rounds after numerous screenplay frustrations.

The film has been pushed to a February 2025 release date.

With all of these problems mounting up when it comes to a film that no fan wanted a part of in the first place.

It may just be time to give up.

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