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The Exorcism Fear at Avon Valley Review

A brand new show like no other, we bring you The Exorcism Fear at Avon Valley review. 

The Exorcism Review Fear at Avon Valley

The suffering begins… Put your faith to the test and face the demon within, as you participate in The Exorcism.

Not for the faint of heart, this unique immersive experience is unlike anything seen at FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park before. Combining thrilling theatrical techniques, guests will be placed in the heart of the story and battle to save the soul of Evelyn Grace.


The Exorcism is a brand new addition to the Fear at Avon Valley line-up for 2022. Originally this new experience was rumoured to be a Darkfield binaural audio experience but upon arrival, it was clearly something better, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as both The Terminal at Thorpe Park and The Invitation at Alton Towers have been two of the worst Halloween experiences we’ve done this season.

The Exorcism isn’t even an audio experience that involves headphones, it’s a full-blown immersive show where guests sit in a heavily themed room and watch a live exorcism.

With the help of incredible acting ability and some wonderful special effects you’re front and centre of this immersive theatrical experience and for 10 minutes you’re inside a movie and a bloody good one at that!

Packed full of immersion and interaction you’re told to stay seated and not to move for the entire experience. Actors will weave in between you as a priest, a nun and the possessed put on this intimate and quite frankly terrifying show.

The atmosphere is palpable and some of the special effects around the room certainly put you on edge and really add to what you’re witnessing right before your eyes.

One particular effect involving the nun was incredible to witness even though you could clearly see how it was done from the angle I was sitting but from a front-facing angle that effect would look absolutely mind-blowing.

Not for one second was I bored or thinking about anything other than what was happening in front of my eyes and for a show of this calibre at a UK Scream Park I was impressed. I remember seeing The Exorcist live on stage and those scenes weren’t as strong as what I was witnessing here and everyone had a front seat to the show.

This is what the Darkfield experience should have been at both theme parks, audio and visual combined to make a truly wonderful and immersive experience.

The Exorcism is easily the strongest show we have witnessed this Halloween season and if I had one negative to say about the entire experience I’d say that £10 was perhaps a little steep for this one-room 10-minute show.

Full credit to the actors and the set designers for this wonderfully unique spine-chilling experience.

I hope that it returns next year and maybe even expanded upon with more of a detailed pre-show or short walkthrough of a house or similar before you take your seat and watch the chaos unfold. 

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