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The Films That Slipped Up The Most

The spooky season has arrived and searches for horror films in this last month alone amassed 28,000 searches in the UK alone. Horror movies are a staple of Halloween but it doesn’t always go to plan, there’s plenty of famous horror movie mistakes out there and we aim to highlight more than one for you right here in this article.

Even within the frightening world of horror, production errors can find their way in and in some cases they absolutely flood in!

Whether it’s continuity lapses or factual inaccuracies, these slip-ups can disrupt the intended atmosphere of fear and suspense.

Driven by curiosity, BonusFinder delved into IMDb’s horror ‘With Goof’ list and MovieMistake to reveal the horror films with the most mistakes per minute.

Whilst BonusFinder have done the research for this post and provided the below graphic I have not been compensated for this article. I just think it’s an interesting read! 

Horror Movie Mistakes

Let’s dive into the top 3 movies in this list with the most mistakes and highlight just a select few of the horror movie mistakes made within these particular productions. 

The Birds | 552 mishaps

The Birds Hitchcock

‘The Birds’ is renowned for its tension-packed plot and Hitchcock’s distinctive directorial flair.

This film claims the top spot among horror movies with the most blunders of all time, tallying 552 documented mistakes, averaging nearly five errors per minute (4.64).

One conspicuous oversight occurs in the scene where Mitch boards up the house, oddly placing the final board on top of the lower one and gently tapping it with a hammer, omitting the use of nails.

Scary Movie 3 | 261 mishaps

Scary Movie 3

‘Scary Movie 3’, a parody of multiple horror and science fiction movies, tickles the funny bone with its satirical take on the horror genre. However, even in the realm of humour, 261 mistakes were discovered, just over 3 mistakes per minute (3.11).

The errors in ‘Scary Movie 3’ vary from continuity issues in scenes, props changing positions, to visible crew and equipment in reflections or scenes.

One of the main mistakes spotted by viewers is when Brenda and the girl crawling out of the TV (à la The Ring) get in a fight.

Brenda throws the punch, the other girl falls over, and for a quick second her dress flies up too far and you can see where the makeup (that makes her look dead) on her legs ends.

Jaws | 292 mishaps

Jaws Movie Poster

Steven Spielberg’s iconic thriller ‘Jaws’ has kept audiences on the edge of their seats for generations, showcasing the terror of a colossal man-eating shark terrorising a small coastal town.

Yet, amidst the terror of the deep, keen-eyed viewers have spotted a total of 292 mistakes – that’s nearly 3 mistakes per minute! (2.35).

These errors range from discrepancies in the positioning and condition of the shark, inconsistencies in the weather and time of day, to changing hairstyles of characters between scenes.

One obvious mistake is when the shark bursts through the window of the cabin. In each of the shots facing Brody, including when he shoves the air tank into the shark’s mouth, the glistening water is visible in the window’s reflection behind Brody, however, the shark’s reflection is never seen behind Brody, despite the shark’s massive size in the small cabin.

Further study insights revealed that The Birds allocated the highest budget percentage to mishaps amounting to £45,551 of the overall budget.

It’s also worth noting that older movies have a lot more errors within them than the more recent ones.

Most recent fils such as Evil Dead Rise, Insidious: The Red Door, The Babadook and Lights Out have 0 (yes 0) mistakes within them.

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