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The Holiday Movie Cottage is NOT Available for Rent! Here’s Why

Today I’ve seen hundreds of articles saying the cottage from the 2006 blockbuster The Holiday movie cottage is available for rent, I laughed and laughed hard! It’s not, because it doesn’t exist.

The Holiday Cottage Set

This House Isn’t Real

The movie starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law is a Christmas must watch and today an AirBnb listing did the rounds saying the cottage from the film (how the media covered it) is up for grabs, there’s just one problem, the house was completely fake.

Kate, Jack, Cameron, nor Jude have ever stepped foot in this particular property. Named Rosehill Cottage in the movie and located in Surrey in the movie the exterior was purpose-built and the interior was all pre-built sets.

You can even see it being built HERE

So what is actually available to rent?

The holiday movie cottage in this instance is called Honeysuckle Cottage and it was this property that producers used as inspiration when designing the actual set used in the movie.

Honeysuckle Cottage The Holiday Movie Inspiration

Credit – AirBNB – This is the real one!

Honeysuckle is merely the inspiration for Rosehill Cottage and wasn’t used or seen in the movie in any way shape or form.

The cute cottage is available to rent for £275 per night and is described on the listing as:

‘The quintessential English cottage! This charming, cosy cottage was the inspiration behind the design of Rosehill Cottage in the Hollywood blockbuster film ‘The Holiday’. This is truly a unique and tranquil place to stay.’

But hey, the media love to get carried away don’t they, it says right there in the listing that it’s not the one in the film. Calm down, clickbait merchants. 

The original property sold for £620,000 back in 2019 and people can stop over in this lovely little abode located in Holmbury Saint Mary, Surrey, England and holds a maximum of five guests per booking.

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