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The Story of Antrum – The ‘Cursed’ Horror Movie

The cursed horror film Antrum is linked to numerous deaths and disappearances of real-life cases after viewing. Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made is a horror movie released in 2018. Welcome to the story of Antrum.

cursed horror movie Antrum

In this review, we will explore the movie, its plot, its history, and the myths surrounding it. Are you ready to explore the world’s most cursed movie? Are you feeling brave?

Then let’s continue.

The Plot

Antrum Still

Antrum is presented as a lost movie from the 1970s which was rediscovered after being banned by the government for displaying graphic content. The movie begins with a short documentary about its history and the various incidents that occurred after its initial release. The narrative is set and the eerie atmosphere has already begun before the movie has even started!

The main story of Antrum follows two siblings, Nathan and Ora, who are grieving the loss of their dog. They decide to dig a hole to hell in their backyard in an attempt to rescue their pet’s soul. The siblings are joined by a film crew who are documenting their journey. The group travels to the forest, where they believe they will find the entrance to hell.

Strange things begin to happen during their journey through the forest and they encounter a number of bizarre characters and the movie drifts between reality and fantasy. As they approach their destination the group starts to slowly regret their decision as they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

The History

Antrum Cursed Movie

The fascinating history of the movie is well documented and as a result, has catapulted this horror movie into a cult status. With the movie lost for many years, it was discovered at a film festival in Budapest and brought to the attention of producer Eric Thirteen.

Eric decided to release the movie in the United States but he added a twist to the movie and said it was cursed and that anyone who watched it would experience strange and dangerous occurrences.

A smart marketing tactic as it piqued people’s curiosity and those daring enough to check it out. This unique marketing strategy of advising people NOT to watch the movie only made people want to see it more. The movie was marketed as the “Deadliest Film Ever Made,” and numerous tactics were used to create a sense of fear and unease.

They claimed that the movie had been responsible for a number of deaths and that it had been banned in multiple countries.

Antrum some 40 years later is being released after it was tracked down and packaged for a public release.

Naturally, if this film was cursed no one in their right mind would release this thing so the second I read that in the press release, all of the initial anticipation vanished.

The Myths

Antrum Cursed

Whilst Antrum is clearly a movie with a great marketing campaign behind it, it still to this day makes people wonder if any of the stories are true.

One of the most persistent myths surrounding Antrum is that it contains subliminal messaging that can cause viewers to experience hallucinations and paranoia. This claim is almost certainly false with zero evidence of subliminal messaging having an effect on the human mind.

All in all, it’s rubbish. We all know it is but it still doesn’t stop you from feeling anxious before you hit that play button and besides it’s still an unsettling movie. Its unique narrative and eerie atmosphere make it stand out from other horror movies, and its history has only added to its cult status.

Do you believe the store of Antrum? Do you dare to watch the trailer for the cursed horror film Antrum? 

Maybe I should stick to the good ol classic horror movies instead, just to be safe.

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