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The three golden rules for healthy hair past 60

It used to be 40 – the age when it was incumbent upon anyone with long hair to cut it short. And as I’m 60, by rights, I should have done the deed decades ago. Yet while mine’s not as long as it used to be, it’s still below my shoulders, and I’m not about to chase to the cut, especially as I like to wear it in an updo.

I concede that it is thinner than it was in my youth. But thinner how, exactly? It’s not like I see lots more hair left in the brush. I consult my mane man, Glenn Lyons, clinical director of the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, London.

‘When you’re talking about natural ageing rather than specific problems with hair loss, two factors usually come into play,’ he says. ‘One is that the anagen – or growing – phase tends to shorten as you age, so hair doesn’t have the chance to grow as long as it used to; this is why hair may feel thinner throughout the lengths. The second is that the diameter of each follicle decreases, which means the hair shaft itself isn’t as thick.’

I learn that the first rule of haircare I need to change is to brush up on my understanding of, well, brushing. Apparently, anything with dense bristles, where each tuft is arranged in varying lengths, can cause hair to stretch as it’s pulled over them – this tugging exerts unnecessary stress.

‘While I totally appreciate these kind of brushes are useful when you’re heat styling – we even offer as-kind-as-possible versions at Philip Kingsley – when you’re simply brushing to refresh hair in the day or before bed, look for those with single prongs,’ Lyons says. That way, the hair is able to sink to the cushion of the brush and glide through more easily.’ The Philip Kingsley Vented Paddle Brush, £25, below, and Vented Grooming Brush, £20, are top choices.

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