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The Toffee Shop Suite at the Malmaison Liverpool

We had the pleasure of staying inside the Everton Football Club hotel suite at the Malmaison Liverpool this weekend.

Toffee Shop Suite Bedroom

As a huge football fan, I was pleasantly surprised that my standard junior suite room had been upgraded to The Toffee Suite, just one of two football-themed signature suites at the Malmaison Liverpool.

The Toffee Shop suite is certainly more subtle than The Kop (the Liverpool FC themed room) and doesn’t consist of a games room complete with a football table.

When it comes to Everton-related items within the room the hotel hasn’t gone down the tacky route of having signed shirts plastered all over the place but the walls consist of photos of memorable moments in the club’s history.

Now considering it is Everton, there aren’t too many photos hanging up on the wall of celebratory moments (I’m not even sorry) and whilst I was hoping I would get the Liverpool FC themed room I certainly wasn’t disappointed with The Toffee Shop Suite.

Malmaison Liverpool

Mailmaison Liverpool Reception

Consisting of 130 rooms and suites the Malmaison Liverpool is a waterside boutique hotel that is a stone’s throw from the city centre.

With stylish decor and a short walking distance from the Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, the Echo Arena, and the Royal Albert Dock it’s the perfect place to enjoy the best of the city.

Upon arrival, you are greeted with a beautiful reception and of course some of the friendliest people on earth, scousers.

I don’t think I met one unfriendly person throughout my entire stay in the city, it really was a warm and welcoming place to be.

After a 3pm check-in, I was handed my room key and straight to the 6th floor (where all the suites are located) I went.

The Toffee Shop Suite

Toffee Shop Suite Lounge

The Malmaison hotel room corridors and the suite itself consisted of very dark palettes so upon entering our room it was very dark indeed with only small lights in the ceiling trying their best to light the way.

Thankfully it was a sunny day so we could just about see where we were going upon entering the suite.

The room is very spacious and stylish but we did notice the main cabinet that housed the TV was a little bit worse for wear but that can be expected from a rowdy football-themed room.

Toffee Shop Suite Room

I do use ‘football-themed room’ lightly though as other than the photos on the wall this could be a normal suite at any hotel in the world.

Bad lighting in the living room aside the bed was comfy, the bath was absolutely huge and more than big enough for two people and the stylings were ever so sleek.

Toffee Shop Suite Bath

I always make it a mission of mine to jump into every single bathtub at any hotel I stay in all around the world. I really do need to set up a separate website reviewing bath tubs far and wide at numerous hotels.

The shower was a very strange experience with a long corridor with the shower at one end of the room and the toilet at the other end with nothing but a grid separating them to collect the shower water.

Toffee Shop Suite

It reminded me of the Shark Cabins at Thorpe Park for a split second if albeit a more stylish and expensive version.

From the waterfall shower to the incredibly comfy couch and even the free Sky Sports package on the TV it was a very cosy and intimate hotel room.

Room service as ever was a bit pricey (£17 for noodles?!) but that’s to be expected from a hotel such as this.

The views from our room were of the docks and the Liver building but our window certainly needed a clean as a few scouse birds (the ones that fly) had messed all down our hotel room window.

Malmaison Liverpool View

With lighting and the slightly beaten-up cabinet being the only downside to this particular room I really enjoyed my stay at the Malmaison Liverpool.

Friendly staff that went above and beyond helping us carry drinks up to our room in the evening, help on hand whenever you need it, 24-hour room service and a beautiful location I’d highly recommend staying!

Toffee Shop Suite Bathroom

It’s not just the suites at the Malmaison Liverpool that are smart you can get a standard room for less than £100 a night and the furnishings are very similar, all very plush and extravagant at this little Liverpool gem.

Check out a video tour of The Toffee Shop Suite at the Malmaison Liverpool below:


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