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These $8 Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets Have 25,100+ 5-Star Reviews

If you need a little more convincing before you add these to your cart, check out these reviews.

Bottle Bright Bottle Cleaning Tablet Reviews

A shopper explained, “I was wondering if these would actually work – and they did! I drink a lot of iced tea and my plastic insulated glasses are so stained. I tried soaking them, baking soda, everything (I don’t have a dishwasher). Also, it’s hard to get my hand in the bottom of the cup to scrub, scrub. I used these in all of them – voila! Clean, took off all the stains, amazing. Highly recommend!”

Another declared, “Actually works! I’ll join the chorus – we have a product here that lives up to its claims. I was tepid, but as soon as I dumped out the cleaning water to see it come out brown, taking all the tea stains with it, I was hooked. This is super easy. warm water, drop a tab in, wait a half hour. Then clean as a whistle”

Someone reviewed, “I used these on some older thermal bottles I used for hot tea and coffee. I was ready to throw them out because they were so gross inside. My daughter told me about these so I purchased them. I put very hot water and one tablet in. Let it sit about 30 minutes and rinsed. All the residue was gone!”

An Amazon customer said, “In all my years of attempting to remove the tea stains from my large white ceramic mug and metal tumblers, I have never come across anything as effective as this product; it is simply amazing (I wish I took before & after photos). I filled the mug with boiled water, dropped in a Bottle Bright Cleaning tablet and let it do it’s magic. Within 1 hour the tea stains from the metal tumbler were lifted, literally, and floating.”

A shopper shared, “This is THE BEST bottle cleaner I have found. Super easy to use and it even removes tea stains from metal tea strainers. A+.”

“These things were surprisingly amazing at getting really old stains out of my to-go coffee cups. Pretty awesome! And very surprising,” an Amazon customer wrote.

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