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Tongue in Cheek Movie Industry Mockery

A huge shout-out to Brian Metcalf who sent me the pilot episode to check out. Here’s my Underdeveloped review.

Underdeveloped Series

Stan, an inexperienced slacker, is given the opportunity to work at a film studio by  its owner who is also his brother-in-law. But he soon discovers that the team he is assigned is a group of failed producers and a curmudgeonly executive who was originally supposed to have his job. What follows is chaotic hilarity as the team try to figure their jobs out as they go along.

Whilst playing on the stereotypical roles of the movie industry our show takes place within a production office, Bottom Dwellers Productions to be precise as we are introduced to our latest recruits and staff members.

Filmed on a studio backlot we have quite the impressive cast including Tom Arnold (Fubar), David Koechner (The Goldbergs) and Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural) and Thomas Nicholas (American Pie).

Thomas Nicholas in Underdeveloped

Brian A. Metcalf is juggling the writer, director and acting roles as we dive into this comedy set up that perfectly outlines the ineptitude of the workers, the inflated ego of Hollywood and the tongue in cheek style of delivery that made The Office such a popular series.

In the US that is. The UK one was a series I’d rather quickly forget.

From the camera work to the staff interviews and even scenes in-between certainly have The Office inspiration about them but this pilot seems more focused on introducing us to our characters and bringing some backstory to proceedings.

At times the backstory segments to camera outweigh anything else happening on screen but there’s a little chuckle along the way when the staff members are saying one thing and their executive is contrasting statements they have made.

Karl Underdeveloped

The script feels sharp and well written but I almost feel as though the pilot has confined itself to that Office format. Playing it safe within those boundaries set by the shows before it when I can’t help but feel it needs just that little push to get them on the outside of that very box.

Every second that passes I’m eager for the cast to go outside and explore a bit and expand the horizons of the show outside of a small production office.

Hitting the nail on the head when it comes to stereotypical Hollywood personas of inflating ones own ego whilst blowing smoke up someones ass the next Underdeveloped feels somewhat like what happens behind the scenes in the Entourage series universe.

David Koechner in Underdeveloped


Whilst the show is named Underdeveloped the progression of the pilot episode at times feels overdeveloped with a little too much in-depth character exposé but there’s plenty to explore in these bite sized 20 minute episodes to whet the appetite for more to come.

The cast is solid, the characters are developed and even for a Brit like me some of the jokes hit quite nicely. More of a snigger than a belly roll.

Underdeveloped has the foundations laid for a promising series and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress, as it stands, it’s a solid start despite being a little heavy on the exposition. 

Underdeveloped Review by Sean Evans

Our Rating


A little heavy on the character exposition but a well written script and solid characters make for quite the interesting pilot episode. It’s nothing we haven’t already seen before but I’m eager to see how the show pushes itself moving forward because Underdeveloped as it stands definitely treads along the playing it safe angle in its opening episode.

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