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“Top farming and food firms could lose up to a quarter of their value by 2030 if they do not adapt” – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

According to the United Nations “Race to Zero” campaign, net zero policies will make food production companies uninvestable, unless they follow net zero food rules.

Farm and food investors face $150 billion loss on climate change, report says

By Ross Kerber

Sept 20 (Reuters) – Top farming and food firms could lose up to a quarter of their value by 2030 if they do not adapt to new government policies and consumer behavior tied to climate change, United Nations-affiliated campaigners said in a new report.

Research to be presented on Tuesday looked at how 40 big companies including agricultural producers and food retailers could fare under scenarios called key to reducing emissions, such as if governments impose carbon emssions prices or if consumers reduce their consumption of meat.

The study, seen by Reuters News, found the companies’ value would decline by an average of around 7% by 2030, equivalent to some $150 billion in investor losses, if they did not adopt new practices.

“The reality is stark: Nature risk is fast becoming an integral factor to investment risk,” said Peter Harrison, chief executive of Schroders Plc, in a statement sent by a Race to Zero representative.

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If anyone can find a link to the Race to Zero report please post in comments.

“Race to Zero”, the people who published this analysis, are a UN group.

Why do the social engineers always attack food abundance? We’ve already had a warning of what the Net Zero / low nitrate food push could do to us, the organic food shortage catastrophe in Sri Lanka.

The top down social engineers – Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hugo Chávez, Dutch Government (nitrate fertiliser jihad), Biden (baby food shortage / green leap forward), and now the UN’s Net Zero push. With their coercion of food companies and farmers, the social engineers always seem to find a way to make people go hungry.


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