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TUBBZ Balrog and Gandalf Figures Released

The iconic Lord of the Rings scene between the Balrog and Gandalf has been immortalised in TUBBZ duck history as these two new figures are absolutely wonderful.

Gandalf TUBBZ

You Shall Not Pass…. up on these!

The Fellowship of the Ring is being played out in the duck pond as Balrog and a new version of Gandalf join the TUBBZ Collection. Fans won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind giant-sized Balrog who towers over the other TUBBZ in the collection.

Balrogs were larger than life in the movie and that remains now even when morphed into a duck. Balrog is a limited edition, a super-supersized figurine standing at 9 inches, 5 inches taller than the other TUBBZ to truly reflect the stature of this fire monster.

There are only 2000 of these available so make sure you grab them whilst you can before they vanish into smoke.

Balrog TUBBZ

When Balrog has gone, he’s gone! The 3000 limited edition ‘You Shall not Pass’ Gandalfs will be delighted.

Gandalf ‘You Shall Not Pass’ edition joins Gandalf the White and Gandalf the Grey to make a trio of Gandalfs in this collection.  Ready to confront Balrog, this Gandalf is on the bridge and will not back down, sword in one hand, staff in the other, ready to shout out his famous line… quack!

Lord of the Rings is the largest range in the TUBBZ collection with now 20 characters to collect who have all been given a duck makeover with Balrog being the biggest of them all.

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