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Upgrade to Cairns weather radar now complete

Issued: Monday 2 January 2023

The Bureau of Meteorology continues to monitor ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie as it brings heavy rain and storms to Western Australia.

The system is currently located over the central Kimberley and will move very slowly to the west, possibly reaching the Broome and 80 Mile Beach by Wednesday. Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding in the Kimberley region will continue over the next several days.

Heavy rainfall is likely to impact Broome from Tuesday. If the system slows near Broome on Wednesday and Thursday it could bring gale force winds and intense rainfall possibly leading to inundation of low-lying areas on Wednesday morning. These impacts may last for two to three days.

There remains a slight risk that the system may move over water later this week and re-intensify to tropical cyclone strength. A tropical cyclone watch may be issued on Tuesday if the risk of movement over water increases. Gale force winds are possible about the southwest coast of the Kimberley from Wednesday morning even if the system remains over land.

The Fitzroy River at Fitzroy Crossing is currently at 12.37m as of 10 am Monday 2 January. A Major Flood Warning is current for the Fitzroy River and Fitzroy Crossing, with the river expected to peak sometime on Wednesday or Thursday.

A Flood Warning is also current for the western Kimberley, with heavy rainfall expected on top of already rising rivers.

The flood watch for North and East Kimberley Rivers has been finalised as the heavy rainfall contracts towards to the west.

A Severe Weather Warning is current for parts of the Kimberley for Intense Rainfall and Damaging Wind Gusts. Heavy rainfall may result in up to 250 to 300 mm falling in some areas. Damaging Wind Gusts in excess of 90kmh are possible.

Prolonged heavy rainfall has resulted in several major roads being closed. Community isolation is likely, and motorists may become trapped between locations due to the rapid rising of floodways and overland flooding.

Communities should stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via our website and BOM Weather app and follow advice of emergency services.

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