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Vice Press Original Jaws Poster Remastered Available Now!

The guys over at Vice Press have worked alongside Universal Pictures to bring the original poster to live with a remastered 2023 version featuring art by Roger Kastel. Check out the Vice Press Original Jaws poster below.

Jaws Vice Press

The original Jaws poster is one of the most iconic in cinema’s history.

 It is a piece that every film fan recognises and wants in their collection.

Available in two sizes, this very special, officially licensed release features remastered artwork and is printed to the highest quality.

The 24×36 inch version is available for a timed period from Thursday the 14th of September, to midnight on Sunday the 17th of September and comes printed on 280gsm stucco old mill, this version also includes spot UV varnish to the title.


The Vice Press Original Jaws Poster (Editions version) will be limited to 2000 copies.

Jaws 24×36 inch timed edition will be available from 6pm BST on Thursday the 14th of September until midnight on Sunday the 17th of September.

Jaws (Editions) will be available from 6pm BST on Thursday the 14th of September. Exclusively at Vice Press. 

Jaws Movie Poster

The summer of 1975 changed the cinematic landscape forever as Steven Spielberg unleashed a cinematic phenomenon that would change the way we view the ocean and instill an enduring fear of its depths.

Jaws still holds up today, a timeless classic.

The success of “Jaws” lies not only in its shark but also in its human characters. Roy Scheider delivers a powerful performance as Chief Brody, a relatable and sympathetic figure torn between his duty to protect the town and his fear of the water.

Richard Dreyfuss brings depth and charm to the character of Matt Hooper, the eager oceanographer who provides scientific insight into the shark.

However, it’s Robert Shaw’s unforgettable portrayal of Quint that steals the show. His gruff, salty demeanor and monologue about the USS Indianapolis are some of the film’s most memorable moments.

The special FX for the movie were ahead of its time even going as far as creating a mechanic shark nicknamed ‘Bruce’. 

Whilst the shark had numerous issues throughout production the decision to limit its on-screen presence only heightens the suspense of the film and who can forget the iconic score for Jaws from the one and only John Williams.

Two notes and yet its still one of the most recognisable and chilling pieces of film music ever composed.

It’s an unforgettable experience that still holds its bite today.

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