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Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi: The Ultimate Escapism

Step inside Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park as amazing rides, immersive theming and more combine for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Warner Bros World Show

Warner Bros World consists of a variety of franchises that combine in themed zoned inside this Warner Bros wonderland of epic proportions. Costing $1 billion to create you can walk through Metropolis, step foot into Gotham, stroll around Bedrock and even take a ride on the mystery machine with Scooby and the Gang to solve a mystery!

Containing 29 rides and shows (with a Harry Potter expansion within the next year or so) Warner Bros World is the ultimate escapism from the second you step foot inside the attraction.

Scooby Doo Ride Warner Bros World

Greeted by a show where the detailed facades around you transform into this huge Warner Bros showreel spectacle where various Warner Bros IP movies come to life around you. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings the entire show is something quite spectacular and it has to be seen to be believed. With many indoor attractions, the ceiling is usually the barrier where escapism is brought back down to earth as you can usually see a black ceiling or vents or things of such nature to detach you from the immersive land you’re walking around. Not at Warner Bros World, even the ceiling comes to life in numerous magical ways.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros World certainly isn’t an attraction full of high-octane rollercoasters with only two indoor roller coasters of note but it doesn’t need to be, immersion and theming is key as you’re completely taken away to worlds unknown and the rides throughout are dark ride focused where trackless ride systems take you on a variety of missions and explorations with beautiful visuals combining set pieces and screens effortlessly for once in a lifetime kind of experiences.

Batman Knight Flight Ride

One particular ride themed around the Justice League has you walking into the Halls of Justice before the ride even begins, this amazingly recreated set feels like it has been plucked straight from the movie set, and the same can be said for many of the set pieces inside Warner Bros World. 

You hop onboard your futuristic ride vehicle and join the Justice League on a mission. I’m not even a fan of the Justice League and I enjoyed it! I thought the movie was absolutely horrendous and yet I was more engaged, immersed and invested in this one ride than I have been in anything that DC has released since The Dark Knight and after Joker.

Halls of Justice Warner Bros World

With a Flintstones log flume providing family fun of the highest level followed by a ridiculously wet final drop I just couldn’t find one negative of this park.

The staff at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi were lovely and the character dining experiences were affordable with food costing around £20 minimum for a main meal and you get to meet all of the wonderful characters of the Warner Bros universe. An experience you would be paying tenfold for at a Disney park. 

Warner Bros Character Greets

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the upcoming Harry Potter expansion has in store because the budget that this park has to invest in these immersive experiences is an exciting one indeed, it could very well be the world’s best Harry Potter themed attraction in the world, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The level of pride, passion and love that has gone into building this attraction is truly commendable and I can’t wait to revisit one of the best indoor theme parks on the planet and don’t even get me started on the Warner Bros Hotel!

Warner Bros Hotel

Packed full of movie props, this 5-star establishment is situated right across from the indoor theme park and has an elegance and class with that Warner Bros flair. The only Warner Bros hotel in the world and I hope and pray they build more!

To check out our VLOG of the entire Warner Bros World experience CLICK HERE

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