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Waterborne diseases break out in flood-hit South Punjab

LAHORE: The health authorities have reported an outbreak of waterborne diseases and skin infections among flood victims in South Punjab, ARY News reported on Friday.

The flood victims of South Punjab now face another challenge of the breakout of waterborne diseases and skin infections.

According to statistics issued by Punjab Health Department, over 37,000 flood victims are suffering from respiratory diseases while 33,000 people are affected by skin infections like itching and rashes.

The health department informed that more than 17,000 flood victims are suffering from diarrhea while almost 20,000 people are affected by fever.

Meanwhile, 21 flood affectees were bitten by dogs and two people in Dera Ghazi Khan suffered snakebite. The statistics further revealed that more than 2,500 people have suffered from eye disease.

68,000 people in Rajanpur and 58,000 in Dera Ghazi Khan are suffering from various diseases after months of heavy rains left people stranded and without access to clean water.

A day earlier. the Ministry of Climate Change claimed that the death toll amid floods in the country has crossed 1200, while over 3000 people have been injured, ARY News reported.

According to the statement issued by the Climate Change Ministry, 70% of the country has suffered from floods in the last 2 months. The southern parts of the country are underwater right now, they added.

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The statement added that health concerns are rising amid devastating floods in the county and the river Indus is facing severe floods right now, he added. Over 1200 people have been reported dead amid floods in the country, while over 3000 have been injured in the city, he added.


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