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We Are Highly Hypocritical • Watts Up With That?

Interesting article sent to me by a reader from the FREEDOM RESEARCH substack.

Indrek Neivelt, a distinguished entrepreneur, investor, and former Chairman of Hansapank (Estonia’s largest bank), shared his candid views on the Green Deal or Net Zero climate policies in a conversation with Freedom Research.

Neivelt, reflecting on the Green Deal, stated,

“What I do understand is that there is a need to protect nature, that there is a need to consume less, that there is a need to make products that will last longer, products that can be repaired. Conservation of nature is common sense to me. I understand that. But I don’t understand the Green Deal.”

How can we have an expanding economy and at the same time use fewer resources to make that economy grow?”

He expressed confusion over the paradox of aiming for an expanding economy while simultaneously aiming to use fewer resources.

Discussing the economic ramifications of these policies, Neivelt highlighted the unique challenges faced by Estonia due to its geographical location. He mentioned,

“We live in conditions that inevitably mean a greater consumption of energy. Both for heating and transport.”

He further elaborated on the potential economic consequences, questioning,

“What happens to our competitiveness if energy is more expensive for us?”

“Energy is the whole foundation of today’s society. Without energy, there is nothing. Nothing works without energy.”

Neivelt didn’t hold back in pointing out the apparent hypocrisy of many Net Zero proponents. He remarked,

“Or the fact that the biggest Net Zero propagandists all fly into their meetings on their private jets. And once there, they all immediately start to worry about the climate.”

He also cited specific instances, such as the King of Sweden’s visit to Estonia, where the King’s mode of transport contradicted the green message being promoted.

The article also delved into the broader societal implications of these policies. Neivelt expressed concerns about shrinking freedoms and increasing regulations. He likened the situation to a cage that’s getting smaller, stating,

“Our freedom is getting smaller and smaller. The screws are being tightened quietly.”

He also touched upon the challenges of subsidies, questioning their long-term sustainability and impact on entrepreneurship.

The full article is definitely worth reading.

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