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We Are Newcastle United Amazon Prime Review: A Fluff Piece

If you were expecting to see a tale of how Eddie Howe has transformed a usually relegation threatened group of lads into title challengers then sadly you won’t find it in this fluff piece. We bring you our We Are Newcastle United Amazon Prime review.

We Are Newcastle United Amazon Prime Review

The four-part docuseries We Are Newcastle United will give Magpie fans a glimpse behind the scenes at St James’ Park. The series will also dive into Newcastle United’s history and will explore the club’s unique bond with its supporters as they follow their team.

That synopsis reads quite well. If any of it was true. 

I was so excited to watch this knowing what Eddie Howe has achieved with Newcastle, his work and determination to get a normal group of lads playing to their ability without diving too much into the oil money that has made them one of the richest clubs in the world is a testament to him and his team.

What a story that would have been to showcase their rise from relegation fodder to title challengers and Champions League qualifiers but no. Instead the documentary focuses on the takeover and here lies a fluff piece on Saudi Arabian football investment and an Amanda Staveley showcase.

Don’t get me wrong watching how Saudi is investing in UK clubs is interesting and how the public investment fund paved the way for this new look Newcastle United as a company but it’s definitely more angled towards the company and business side of things rather than anything than happens on the pitch.


If boardroom meetings are your thing you’re going to love this but if you wanted a documentary similar to the Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City ones which were all intriguing, captivating and entertaining, you sadly won’t find it here.

I really couldn’t care less about a hunt for a shirt sponsor, it’s just more advertising for said sponsor and serves of no entertainment value to me as a viewer.

Why on earth they chose to include that when we all know full well they have a shirt sponsor, where is the suspense in that? Useless.

Sadly, Newcastle United fans will have to get used to now being a corporate first, football later sort of brand and for a football rich city such as Newcastle I feel as though this documentary is a massive kick in the teeth to them.

There are flitters of that personal touch when we go closer into the life of Callum Wilson for example. There are flitters of magic there where you feel like the filmmakers genuinely care about the club outside of how its run but as soon as they come they vanish as quickly as Allan Saint Maximin did to Al Ahli.

Newcastle United Doc

It really shouldn’t be about that. It’s meant to be fun and uplifting and instead comes across like a long drawn out absolutely god awful episode of Dragons Den.

Goodbye football and hello finance, We Are Newcastle is a pathetic self marketing attempt and for the life of me I have no idea who would sign off on such a self indulgent trash piece that doesn’t even celebrate the incredible fans that have stuck by them through thick and thin.

As a footballing rich city, Newcastle United fans deserve better.

This documentary just isn’t it.

I hope something better comes along to watch about the clubs effort and work on the pitch soon.

We Are Newcastle United Amazon Prime review by Sean Evans

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It’s a real shame this wasn’t a part of the All or Nothing documentary series and instead falls in the later of a ‘nothing’ documentary.

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