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We Were Sent Some DC HRO Chapter 4 Cards!

A huge thanks to Cartamundi and Zavvi for sending me some HRO Chapter 4 cards before their official release!

Chapter 4 HRO Cards

After we were sent the chapter 3 Shazam themed cards the guys reached out once again to let me know about the fourth wave of the hybrid trading cards, HRO.

This  release is home to 156 trading cards celebrating the DC Multiverse, including an ultra-rare Hro-tier design that has only 150 mints available worldwide.

As far as resale value of the cards go you can scan a digital version into your phone which you can resell on the app and physical cards are sold via trading websites and Ebay.

To this day I haven’t really seen many cards selling on eBay but the digital marketplace on the app shifts a few cards with a handful of my own cards digital versions selling for $1 each.

Naturally, some cards are worth a lot more than others and I was hopeful of receiving one of the brand new HRO tier cards which are the rarest of them all and would fetch a pretty penny on the market.

I can’t say I’m a big trading card fan but I am a fan of the beautiful artwork these cards have and I’m honoured to have received a 24 pack box in addition to a booster pack free of charge to unbox.

You can watch that unboxing video here:


Chapter 4 is sure to be an epic journey through the different eras of DC with card designs starring fan-favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains like The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and so many more. Join in the adventure today to experience why Hro is the rewarding way to collect!

This 156-card hybrid trading cards collection introduces our rarest tier yet in any hybrid collection: The Hro Tier… and there is only one in this collection with just 150 mints of it!

Lastly, we’ve randomly sprinkled a very small amount of ultra-rare “mythical” packs throughout our global supply. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll get all four of our Mythic-tier designs in just one pull!

This incredible collection brings together 121 unique designs from the Multiverse, each one highlighting Super Heroes, Super-Villains, Comics, Locations, Iconic Phrases, Vivid Moments, Objects, Vintage Title Logos, Pencils, Inks, Civilians, Alter Egos, Panels, Head to Heads, Team-Ups, and Legends across the DC Multiverse.

With Chapter 3 being very Shazam themed Chapter 4 is The Flash themed with 30 different designs inspired by Warner Bros. and DC’s 2023 The Flash film!

On the back of each physical Hro trading card is a QR code that connects it to its digital “twin” on the Hro mobile app, which is validated and backed up by the security of blockchain technology. 

It is here where you can buy, sell and trade your way to a complete digital collection.

Once the physical and digital twins are linked, the Hro app and web platform then give buyers access to a global marketplace to buy, sell, and trade their way to a complete collection. This innovative model also plays host to a 360° fan engagement platform where users can compete to uncover the rarest cards, rise to the top of community leaderboards, and unlock the chance to win special Rewards.

A pack may contain any trading cards from the collection tiers below, with the following odds in each pack. Click Here to see the full collection details.

  • 40.964% Common
  • 27.515% Uncommon
  • 17.120% Superior
  • 11.851% Epic
  • 2.473% Legendary
  • 0.075% Mythic
  • 0.002% Hro

Visit the Zavvi website here to find out more about Chapter 4 HRO –

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