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What Sky News Did Not Tell You About Antarctic Ice • Watts Up With That?


By Paul Homewood

Utter garbage on Sky News:

The video makes two claims:

1) “The record low sea ice extent is due to higher ocean temperatures and warmer air.”

They do not mention that ice extent was at a record high as recently as 2014.

Nor do they mention that the ice has not “gone missing”, as they claim, but strong winds have pushed it polewards. As a result, the ice is thicker than normal:

Nor do they mention that temperatures are well below in Antarctica currently, about minus 30C. Not the heatwave they claim is happening, which they dishonestly base on one day in March 2022:

2) “Sea levels have risen by 17mm since the 1990s because of melting Greenland and Antarctic ice. By 2100, another 170mm will have been added.”

In fact, according to DMI, all of that 17mm has been caused by melting of Greenland glaciers, something which has been going on since the end of the Little Ice Age in the 19thC.

Some studies even suggest that Antarctica is actually adding ice, because of greater snowfall.

As for the 2100 projections, they are pure junk, just like this Sky News video.

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