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Which Football Documentary Ranks the Highest?

With the release of All or Nothing: Arsenal on Amazon Prime new research shows how it compares to other football documentaries out there.

Arsenal All or Nothing Review

Brand new research from OLBG shows that Arsenal’s new football documentary couldn’t beat their north London rivals to the top spot with 2020s All or Nothing: Tottenham ranking in the first place.

With the draw of Jose Mourinho, I feel the documentary is the strongest of the lot. Yes, the Man City documentary was intriguing just to see Pep’s team talk, mindset and how he goes about his game plans but Jose bought entertainment value and made for a much better watch.

The Arsenal documentary is quite slow and sluggish and Arteta doesn’t bring any entertainment or value to the documentary itself with very mundane team talks and no real draw for us as viewers.

Arsenal had to settle for fourth place in the documentary rankings as Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In film and Sunderland ‘Til I Die were ranked higher.

The study took into account IMDB and Google User ratings as well as SEMrush search volume at the time of release and Youtube trailer views, giving each documentary an aggregate score from those four metrics. 

Spurs All or Nothing

All or Nothing: Tottenham beat the latest instalment of the Amazon docuseries franchise to take top spot thanks to its 8.1 IMDB rating, 89% Google User score and 2,100 search volume figure upon its release back in 2020. 

Filming took place during Jose Mourinho’s time at the club and that made for blockbuster entertainment as the special one gave Amazon unbelievable access, including having a camera in his office.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In, also on Amazon ranked second with the feature film taking a look at the Scot’s life from growing up in the shipyards of Glasgow to managing Manchester United in their historic treble-winning season. 

Netflix’s worldwide hit, Sunderland ‘Til I Die ranked in third place, which showed how a struggling giant in English football was being run over the course of two season’s that fans would rather forget about. 

Series one documented the Black Cats as they began life in the Championship following relegation from the Premier League only for the club to go straight down to League One. 

The second season wasn’t much better for the Makems as they failed to gain promotion, losing a playoff final at Wembley, however, the struggle and heartbreak clearly struck a chord with audiences as Rob Mcelhenney even cited the series as one of the reasons behind him buying Wrexham. 

All or Nothing: Arsenal had to settle for the fourth spot in the football documentary list, despite having a very strong IMDB and Google User rating score, but fewer reviews, trailer views and search volume let it down slightly, lowering its aggregate score. 

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