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Windmills Threatening Extinction for Jaguars and Pumas in Brazil • Watts Up With That?

From American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

The climate hoax is taking a horrendous toll on not just the cost of electricity and reliability of the grid, but also the survival of many species of animals, from birds to whales to the magnificent big cats of Brazil.  The Wall Street Journal reports:

JUAZEIRO, Brazil — Weighing more than 100 pounds, big cats have long reigned over this hot and semi-arid region of Brazil, developing tougher paws for the scorched earth and reaching speeds of 50 miles an hour to bring down wild boar and deer.

But nothing could have prepared them for the 150-foot blades now slicing up the deep blue sky above them.

Jaguars and pumas are facing extinction in the Caatinga, Brazil’s northeastern shrublands, as Europe and China pour investment into wind farms, puncturing the land with vast turbines that are scaring the animals away from the region’s scant water sources.

Particularly sensitive to changes to their habitat, the jaguars and pumas abandon their lairs as soon as construction work on the wind farms begins, said Claudia Bueno de Campos, a biologist who helped found the group Friends of the Jaguars and has tracked the region’s vanishing feline population. They then roam vast distances across the dusty plains in search of new streams and rivers.

The weakest perish along the way. Others venture closer to villages, where locals have started laying traps to protect their small herds of goats and sheep, often their only form of survival in this impoverished region.

The poor all over the world already are victims of the rising price of energy, and of fertilizers made from oil and gas, increasingly scarce and costly as drilling and production are shut down by governments persuaded to buy in to the climate panic.  Now their ability to keep herds of animals — an ancient source of livelihood appearing prominently in Bible — is under threat as well.

Windmills may be the most destructive of the “alternative” (meaning uneconomical) sources of energy.  Because they wear out quickly and have a short useful life, they rarely pay back the energy and carbon emissions used in their construction.  They leave an awful pile of useless, ugly junk that costs a lot to demolish.  Recycling carbon fiber blades is a particular challenge.  Junkyards are filling up with them.

The carbon cult is inflicting awful damage on the Mother Gaia it pretends to protect.  Even on its own terms, it is fraud.

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