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Winter Funland Birmingham Review: A Cracking Festive Treat

We headed down to Winter Funland Birmingham and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite mixed reviews popping up on the internet. Here’s our Winter Funland Birmingham review.

Winter Funland Entrance

Like many others have mentioned before attending the event seeing an indoor funfair priced at £30 per adult or £107 for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) is a little daunting.

It’s only when you step inside the Birmingham NEC festive event that you see exactly where your money is going with over 30 funfair rides that you can ride an unlimited number of time in the 4 hours allotted, a circus, a stunt show, an indoor ice rink and an indoor mini golf course all included in the price.

To me, that certainly has the value, especially considering three rides at Tinsel Town Manchester was £10 alone… for ONE ride and one ride only. 

Many of the negative reviews online stated that the 4-hour slots weren’t enough time to get everything done and queues were stacking up.

Winter Funland Bar

I’m sorry to say but that’s exactly what every Christmas event is going to be like this year wherever you go, especially if you go on a weekend (which all of the reviewers did).

We headed down on a Wednesday night and there were no more than 6 people in front of us at any given time and most of the rides were walk-ons. The stunt show was basically a private show for about 60 people and whilst the circus was around 70% full it never felt cramped or too busy.

If you can go in the week I’d highly recommend it and you’ll get much more done for the price you’ve paid. Going to any Christmas event on a weekend and expecting it to be quiet is quite silly…

Winter Funland Rides

It’s like going to a football match and complaining there are too many people there. In which case, go to the Etihad, there are plenty of seats spare!

From dodgems, roller coasters and a ghost train there’s a nice selection of rides for families. Granted there are more children’s style rides there are a good 6 or 7 rides that would suit anyone of any age including a sizzler, a Matterhorn, a Miami and a bouncing jump ride.

Winter Funland Birmingham

The stunt show was incredible with FMX motocross stuntmen doing some incredible air stunts for our enjoyment and the circus was as good as any standalone circus I’ve seen this year (they’re usually around £15 a ticket on their own!)

The ice rink was a good size and the whole event certainly looks better than the Winter Funland Manchester event which is the one particular event that is drawing criticism over the Birmingham one.

Ice Rinks are normally priced around £8 upwards per slot time so with that included that’s also a nice included additional extra.

There is an opportunity to meet Santa in his grotto but this was an upcharge for children priced at £8 per person. 

A variety of food is available from pizza to hot dogs, burgers and more but priced at £8 for a bowl of hard pasta and tasteless bolognese I’d suggest swerving the food entirely. 

Winter Funland Indoors

All in all, a cracking event and well worth an indoor experience that’s out of the cold and jam-packed full of things to do and enjoy!

For individuals/friends this is a great value all-around Christmas event. For families, this one could get a little pricey but everything you want to do at Xmas time is all under one roof so, for me, it’s still a great bang for your buck! 

I hope you enjoyed our Winter Funland Birmingham review.

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