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Zavetti Canada Review: Strong Canada Goose Competition

Canada Goose are certainly the (un)official jackets worn on film sets anywhere that its cold but there’s one much smaller brand catching them up in terms of quality and affordability. Is there a new film set jacket company hot on their tails? Here’s our Zavetti Canada review.


Canada Goose jackets have grown from an independent brand to a luxury brand as their jackets contain numerous pockets to store gear whilst providing all the essentials and warmth for its wearer to endure any weather that’s thrown their way but an independent brand is certainly doing the rounds and their momentum is undeniable, enter Zavetti Canada.

Taking inspiration from the storied fashion houses and heritage of Italy, Alessandro Zavetti has created a line of beautifully crafted jackets for winter wear and after the rave reviews I was suddenly curious as to how a jacket costing 90% less than its Canada Goose counterparts could even be uttered in the same sentence.

I quickly placed my order and eargerly awaited my delivery.

From numerous reports online (and on their official website) Canada Goose use real Coyote fur in their jackets such as their parkas whereas Zavetti use faux fur on their jackets. I’m not a big fan of anyone using real animal fur anymore so there’s already a very large green tick in Zavetti’s favour as far as the fur is concerned.

When my Zavetti coat arrived I was very suprised by the fact that both the Canada Goose and Zavetti jackets are both made from synthetic fabrics with the main difference between them being the hood and I’d go as far to say the Canada Goose jacket lining is ever so slightly better quality but the difference between the two jackets is minimal which is very suprising given the fact that the Zavetti coats cost £120 or less and the Canada Goose jackets reach £1000 upwards in many cases.

Canada Goose jackets comprise of Polyester and nylon with a water repellant treatment. In terms of any other materials used to provide warmth in extreme temperatures I couldn’t find huge amounts of information about this online other than the hood fur which Canada Goose claim provides better warmth than that of faux fur material. That may be the case but is killing an animal for a little bit or warmth worth it knowing full well the vast majority of their customers probably live in countries that don’t have such extreme weather temperatures?

Considering I know so little about anything extra added to the Canada Goose it’s hard to directly compare the two items but what I will say is that for someone here living in the UK who isn’t going to Alaska any time soon, what’s the logical choice here?

A jacket made from the same materials as the Canada Goose (externally) with a faux hood for £120 or a Canada Goose jacket for £1000+.


Photo Credit – Zavetti

I went for the lovely Aylmer puffer fur hooded bomber polyester jacket and when it arrived it was heavy, beautifully made, the cuffed sleeves provide an almost airtight seal around your wrists and instantly you’re as snug as a bug in a rug.

The Faux hood is removeable so the jacket can be fashioned in winter as well as any other chilly seasonable date and the beautifully Zavetti Canada logo is stitched on the jacket sleeve for that added effect.

As far as my particular coat goes compared to the Canada Goose ones i’ve worn here in the UK it’s a no brainer that Zavetti wins for the UK climate as I just don’t see the benefit of the CG in our climate.

Take the jackets out to somewhere genuinely cold and I’m sure there will be a clear winner but for the sake of £900+ (which I could buy 8 more Zavetti jackets might I add) I don’t really see much competition here.

Zavetti Canada review by Sean Evans

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