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1923 all over again | Silent London

So far, the 2020s may not be roaring, but they have given us a good excuse to look back at some films that have proved the meaning of the phrase, “standing the test of time”.

For the BFI website this week, I wrote this piece on 10 great films that were released in 1923, from Salomé to The Ten Commandments, A Woman of Paris to The Covered Wagon, Coeur Fidele to Warning Shadows. Lots of treats in here I promise. And yes, I was totally spoiled for choice.

The Covered Wagon (James Cruze, 1923)

And for today’s Guardian, I was lucky enough to interview Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, all about the slapstick suspense masterpiece that is Safety Last! You can read this piece here.

I suspect I will spend a lot of 2023 thinking about 1923. I was lucky enough to introduce A Woman of Paris at the Arnolfini in Bristol earlier this month, thanks to South West Silents, and later this year I know I am introducing a screening of Salomé, somewhere you may not expect.

Here’s to living in the past, at least some of the time. Right now I am at Hippfest, living my best silent-movie-fan life. You can expect a report from the festival on these pages soon.

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