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Issued: 21 December 2022

The Bureau of Meteorology will be providing specialised weather information to organisers and crews of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, with our meteorologists monitoring race forecast weather conditions.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Senior Meteorologist Gabrielle Woodhouse has provided the first of several weather briefings to organisers and crews of the Sydney to Hobart in the lead-up to the race, which starts on Boxing Day, 26 December 2022.

“Ahead of the race, the Bureau updates race organisers and crews so they have access to critical weather and oceans information and know how to interpret it, allowing them to make quick decisions for success, and importantly, their safety,” said Ms Woodhouse.

“The Bureau conducts several briefings before the race begins, including on Christmas Eve and early on Boxing Day morning. These briefings provide tailored weather information, specific to the marine environment, to organisers and crews.

“On the water, there are several weather hazards of concern. These range from the strength and timing of winds changes to the potential for thunderstorms, large seas and swells plus the effect of tides and currents.

“We are currently expecting predominantly northeasterly winds for the start of the race, which are likely to increase ahead of a south to southeasterly change on Wednesday or Thursday,” she said.

In addition to the pre-race briefings, Ms Woodhouse said that captains and crews will be provided with regular weather updates on the radio and via the Bureau’s online channels.

“We work closely with race organisers to ensure any changes in forecast weather conditions are communicated promptly, so crew members and captains are informed to make the best decisions during the race.”

The Bureau will offer assistance during the entire event, including at critical junctures of the race such as the entrance to the Bass Strait and the turnaround at the southern tip of Tasmania, right up until the last yacht arrives in Hobart.

“Drizzly and misty conditions are possible across the Bass Strait on Tuesday, but light rain is more likely to develop on Wednesday or Thursday, when a trough is forecast to cross Tasmania.”

“Winds are expected to shift south to southeasterly on Wednesday or Thursday across Tasmania, including up the River Derwent, but the exact timing will be dependent on the timing of the trough’s passage. There is the potential for strong wind warnings to be issued during the race.”

“Beyond the completion of the race, returning crews bringing the yachts back up to Sydney also rely on our forecasts and marine weather warnings to get home safely.”

Know your weather, know your risk. Stay up to date with the Bureau’s forecasts and warnings via the Bureau’s website, BOM Weather app or social media.


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