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Phantom Pipes: Häxan at Regent Street Cinema

I am almost home from my festival jaunts, and it seems the weather has turned chilly since I left home. The nights are drawing in, the candles are flickering… it must be spooky season.

Why not kick off your annual creepathon with a screening of a silent classic: Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 demonic drama-documentary Häxan? My excellent friends at Evolution of Horror, who leave no stone in scary cinema unturned, are hosting a screening of Häxan with live organ accompaniment at one of London’s most historic film venues, the Regent Street Cinema.

There’s more. The screening, which takes place this Thursday, 19 October, will be followed by a panel discussion hosted by EOH’s own Mike Muncer, with peerless horror expert Kim Newman, terrifyingly knowledgeable actor James Swanton – and myself, the world’s most squeamish woman, and something of a silent film aficionado, it has been said.

The Evolution of Horror events are always good fun – I have been part of panels for Nosferatu and The Birds in the past, so I know what I am talking about. And to get a sense of EOH’s insightful yet irreverent style, you can explore their treasure trove of podcasts here. Just don’t have nightmares. Well not unless they look as stunning as the work of Johan Ankerstjerne. In which case, be my guest.

As they say here in France: je vous souhaite une bonne séance!

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