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The Greatest Silent Film Poll of 2022: vote for your winners now

Season’s greetings Silent Londoners. It’s that time of year when we like to look back at the year, and especially at all the great silent movies we watched.

Who knows what normal is any more? But this year we had in-person film festivals, seasons, screenings and conferences a-plenty. We had new books and DVDs to enjoy. New websites too! And honestly, silent cinema seems to be more popular than ever.

Please, share your discoveries with your fellow fans via the Poll.

As ever, only two questions in the poll are mandatory – so even if you have to skip some sections, I really, really want to collect your votes in the other categories.

If you want to refresh your memory, why not have a browse through some of the reviews here. This year has been a busy one, with Slapstick, Hippfest, Pordenone, the Kennington Bioscope, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Cinema Rediscovered, London Film Festival… new books, DVDs and many wonderful discoveries and restorations. We’ve had Foolish Wives, Nasty Women and a City Girl; Nanook, Nosferatu and The Manxman, Marie Prevost, Asta Nielsen and Norma Talmadge; Reginald Denny and Lon Chaney. And many more besides. Perhaps, like me, you ventured to some new festivals and venues for the first time. How was that?

Scroll down to start voting, or click here to load on a new tab. The poll will stay open until mid January, so you have time to think and watch and think some more … You will not be silenced!

Happy voting!

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